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Five of the Worst Mornings Ever

August 17, 2011

This ad is remarkable in that it tells not just one story but five. It brings people together over an unremarkable, common occurrence in our lives, and shows a human side not seen very often in the polished world of advertising.

Sure all of these actors are too-pretty and clean-cut. In fact, the story itself is rather cliché, as is much of the imagery. (First-person cooking shots, blah.)

But that one driving shot where they all pick their noses. Who can’t relate to that on an all-too-personal level? THAT is the most powerful thought in this spot.

The coffee-pouring shots that split the screen five ways show real finesse. I also enjoy the tagline – “We are all the same, but different.” Very true. Still cliché, but feel-goody and just the right amount bland. Can’t complain.

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