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Texas Sweater Massacre (the Original, Not the Remake)

June 29, 2011

Rob Zombie directs this grimy spot for Woolite detergent. Very nice camerawork, set design etc. Feels like it’s straight out of Halloween.

But who are they targeting here? No soccer mom is going to be enticed by this ad. This ad is aimed at the young adults who like these movies. The ones who hung out in malls way too much, who love Hot Topic and straight hair.  They don’t like to admit they do laundry, but they do. Well, most of them still bring it home to their mothers. But we don’t talk about that either.

Anyways, these kids need cheap detergent like the rest of us. And they represent a pretty good portion of the population at this point, so good for Woolite advertising to them. Let’s just take it easy on the Zombie, okay?

I bet Sam Raimi would do a killer detergent commercial.


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