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No Smoking, Please.

June 6, 2011

Is gaspunk going to be the next steampunk? Or will it just be called post-steampunk?

This commercial for Nissan’s electric Leaf takes a neat idea and really runs away with it. I love the thought that went into this parallell universe, down to the detail of refilling your laptop’s tank at a ‘water-cooler’ style pump. Our protagonist even looks a bit embarrassed to be using the 87.

Their farcical version of our world today may seem overdone and silly, but it is a nice reminder of how many wasteful things we take for granted on a daily basis. Even though they don’t (thankfully) run on gasoline, all of our iPods and microwaves and hair driers and computers do use energy. And if we don’t want to put them all away for good, we need to keep making them better and cleaner. If our cell phones don’t end up killing us, the future might just be a nice place after all.


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