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Hungry? Grab a something something.

October 14, 2010

It must be said that ‘silly,’ as a strategy, can be done very right. A commercial can be crazy, but still stick in the viewers mind and make sense with the brand. The common mistake is to come up with a great joke, then make an ad around it. Okay, so you know your audience and how to entertain them. But where is the connection? You still see this every superbowl – it gets people laughing, maybe some people talk about it at work, but what brand was it for again?*

And we will see it again this Superbowl. Snickers does the opposite (with many exceptions). Their more memorable campaigns take cues from their product – i.e. really understand your brand, then come up with the joke (not vice-versa).


Who am I?

Snickers’ ridiculous campaigns are successful for two reasons –

1. They take their silliness very seriously.

Stay consistent. No matter what slogan they’re using, the message is always the same. “Snickers is fun.” (And occasionally, “Don’t be a Nancy“)

2. They are a candy company, it’s their solemn duty.

Who could take a serious candy commercial seriously?

Some people believe that the ‘funny,’ in the phrase, ‘funny commercial,’ is interchangeable with ‘good.’ But the brand must be considered first. For some brands, especially family-oriented ones like BK, laughs may be earned at the expense of trust.

Now would somebody please explain this to me?

*Tell me you knew that was for Pepsi Max. I dare you.

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