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Bed, BK, and Beyond

October 8, 2010

Found HERE from Matt Denyer on Vimeo.

Okay, this is just getting weird.

Sure, Burger King came out of the crazy closet a long time ago. In a half-baked plan to distance their brand from Wendy’s and McDonald’s, their marketing took the turn for the strange. Then it never looked back. The Subservient Chicken, the Kingons, the Little Hands… Every campaign gets laughs, but the question remains:

BK, are we laughing with you, or at you?

BK has become the class clown. Always smiling, joking, doing something crazy for attention. Sure, BK’s funny, people say, but they could not remember why at the time…

BK thinks they are earning respect from peers, but they are only squandering their own self-worth. All this probably masks a tragic upbringing, but we cannot judge BK for coming from the broken home that isn’t there.

They are the sad clown. The tragic hero of viral branding. They tapped every trend, even started a few. They stuck to their wacky guns, and this is respectable in itself. But did it draw customers? Apparently not enough – the BK Inc went up for sale earlier this year.

Long story short, I have not patronized a Burger King for a very long time. But I am strangely tempted to buy this pillow case…

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