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Late Night ChzBrgr

October 7, 2010

Although its old news at this point, I still enjoy seeing this commercial whenever it comes on. It’s sortof a neat idea, watching bits of the city go from day to nightlife piece by piece. Production is great. Girl is cute in that not over-perfect way.


The face of not-over-perfection


Always makes me want to party. Just throw off my clothes and run into the neon streets. I’m a cool kid just like her, right? I should be living it up right now! I could totally ask that girl out if I saw her. Well maybe one of her friends. The one on the left. No, far left…

HEY WAIT A SECOND! Isn’t this a Dorito’s ad? What does snacking have to do with this? What sort of nonsense flavor is ‘Late Night Cheeseburger,’ anyhow? Okay a cheeseburger after a night out is just the best thing ever sometimes, but Doritos never taste like they’re supposed to. So where is the logic? What is the point? WHY?

Oh right, there it is:


The finger

The chip dust is so sticky!


Cool kids are horny. Doritos just wants to say, “Hey, you. We know you are cool. You’re so cool, you could probably even ask out this girl’s friend. No, the other one. Go party it up. Just don’t forget to bring a snack.” Who needs a mom, when you’ve got Doritos. Dress in layers. OF FLAVOR.


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