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Driving like a Mad Man

October 5, 2010

[src: Ford]

Using a fake advertising executive to sell a car in a real television advertisement. How meta.

Open letter to Lincoln:

I loved your spaced-out commercials for the MKZ and MKS (less so) last year. The Shiny Toy Guns redo of Schilling’s Major Tom was my favorite driving song for months (still pop it in sometimes). The animation was beautiful, but only served to enhance the beauty of the car itself. The curves, the technology, the sense of lightness and speed – these spots brought Lincoln not just up to date, but into the future of car advertising.

Then you give us this. What, a handsome, younger-than-his-hair-might-suggest-but-still-older man? I am confused… I thought you were appealing to my generation, the too-young-to-afford-it-but-no-problem-I’ll-get-a-loan-on-my-second-house generation. Maybe it just bothers me to watch his trembling, outdated fingers fumble with the ‘technology’ you’re so proud of.  Why use the Mad Man of lowest caliber charisma? Why not use one of the plucky younger cast members, who exudes just as much ‘50s luxury style without the starch and stodge.

The Massive Attack soundtrack  is a good one, but feels maligned playing second-seat to whitey. Keep it simple and fresh. Here are 5 more songs I would love to hear:

  1. Audacity of Huge* – Simian Mobile Disco
  2. Vermillion Plaza – Deastro
  3. Come with Me – CEO
  4. Little Secrets – Passion Pit
  5. Ambling Alp – Yeasayer

Simple branding consistency issue. You took something really great, and left it behind for the least creative route possible. Last year saw some very simple, but inspired luxury car spots. I hope the trend is not dead yet!

Happy Trails,


PS in return for this helpful advice, i expect to be compensated with one automobile

*I forgot that they actually mention the Lincoln brand in this song, its got a catchy beat anyhow

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