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Karmic Realignment, Bottled

October 1, 2010

Normally, when the internet makes me watch 30 seconds of advertisement before my 12 seconds of content I am unamused. This gem, on the other hand, left me scrambling for a replay button.

Great scene overall, but most importantly the punchline is sticky. Especially in web advertisements, grabbing a viewer’s attention for 30 seconds is an impressive feat. I zoned out until the end, so my experience with this ad was more one of, “Wait, what?”*

I refreshed the page over and over to no avail. The cookie had been placed. No ad was played. Instead of watching whatever I thought I was about to watch, I starting skimming around for a bothersome Newcastle ad.

The most enchanting part of this spot is the two seconds after Sanjay is handed the beer, while the camera shoots from the beer’s perspective upwards. The afternoon sunlight and dog barking in the background evoke something very primal and simple, almost child-like, in Sanjay. Even after such traumatic news, he is the face of inner peace. Reborn, karma realigned, and holding a Newcastle.

It does make me thirsty for beer. But hey, what doesn’t?

Maybe my favorite ad of the summer.

*The “Wait, what?” approach to advertising is one of my personal favorites.

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  1. Dylan permalink
    March 18, 2011 4:21 pm

    I will be the insensitive guy commenting on your curry when you find out you were adopted.

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