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Be Unexpected

September 24, 2010

Now THIS is an ad. One thing I love about the commercial medium is the conciseness. Poor commercials try to get too many ideas across at once, but the best thing to do is pick one idea and hammer it home. It must be hard to sell a scent, since we still don’t have smell-o-vision. The best scent ads tell a story, which, like the perfume, should give you a whiff of something new and vaguely intriguing. Then it is gone, leaving you confused, aroused, and wanting more.

I have only seen one minute of this man’s life, but I know instantly I wish it were mine. Not just for the girls or the cameras (I’ve already got enough of THOSE), but for his impudence. In one sentence he expresses what every man wants to say to the world, then he walks away all cool-like. Isn’t that what it means to be a man in the first place? You tell me, Chanel.

Man, this ad makes me wish I didn’t smell so good naturally. The ad for my musk would not be appropriate for daytime television. And it would be in 3D.


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