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People who live in Glass Houses…

July 20, 2010

Everything from the font to the interior design of these commercials is done right – everything is aesthetically pleasing and comforting. The racially-innocuous insurance agent comforts me, as does the pregnant white couple as they set up their first home.

This is a 2009 spot I have been saving for a while. All I understood from this commercial is: “you live in a glass house.” By subtly abusing an age-old proverb Nationwide brazenly declares:
You will need insurance. You will have a baby in a glass house. You will hang pictures on a glass wall, which means you will have to nail picture-hangers into a glass wall. This can only lead to disaster.
Good thing Marlene, the innocuous Nationwide agent is there.

A little underhanded, but some of the better subliminal messaging I have seen. It makes me feel comforted while I watch. And when it ends, I miss it. The security is gone – who will feed my baby? Why can I see through my house?

Solid campaign. It has a communicable idea that can be easily sold to executives and tv-watchers alike. It integrates the “our insurance agents are just like you” concept (a.k.a. Nationwide is on your side). It has racially innocuous spokespeople. Will I buy nationwide? No.
Don’t get me wrong. I would, except the government does not know I exist.

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