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Michelin’s Zombies

July 13, 2010


This ad left me a little stunned – I am not sure if it was the style of animation, the re-animated wildlife corpses or the fact that the Michelin man is a superhero who can tear tires out of his own body. But anyways, every time I see this commercial I just think, “gross.”

I feel like they are trying to be funny, but the only reason I recall anything about it is because I am disturbed. I feel like the creators try to avoid the taboo subject of raising the dead by having the roadkill creatures begin somewhat alive, playing the harmonica as if they were in a Shawshank-style slammer. And they go for super-cute. Super-cute always sells.


The message I got is that Michelin tires can raise the dead. Also – the Michelin man is made of tires. This I didn’t know. I always thought he was some sort of marshmallow man.

The message is very clear – Michelin tires will stop you 14 feet sooner than others.  Whoever made the ad could use lessons from Disney on how to make woodland creatures adorable instead of creepy.


Everything was going OK until the animals all got up to dance at the end… That really creeped me out. So these tires will prevent some woodland creatures from losing their lives in the future. I get it. In the commercial, though, the already-dead animals get up to celebrate. But they still have tire marks across their chests. THE PAST IS NOT ERASED. THE DEAD WILL RISE AGAIN.


Best (only?) Michelin ad I have seen in years. Evokes feelings of hope for anyone who watches because, really, nobody likes killing the innocent animals that run in front of your tires when you are driving a little bit too fast through your neighborhood. Especially when you realize they were only diving for a football their friend had just thrown, then their mother comes running out of the house, screaming something about “killing her baby” or some nonsense. The only thing you can do is keep driving, and move on. The mother will have more children. There are plenty more footballs. Nature runs its course.

Check here for more on Michelin’s new campaign.

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  1. July 14, 2010 12:39 am

    Smart analysis. Promising blog, commrat!

  2. LavaCake permalink
    July 14, 2010 12:41 am

    Give me a graham cracker and a hersey bar to go with that Michelin Man…oh, nvm I confused him with the Stay Puft character!

    Insightful, commrat. Looking forward to more!

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